Lindgren Show Horses

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1232 county raod v, fremont, ne


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The Lindgrens

The Lindgren Farm sits just South of Fremont Nebraska. We pride ourselves on raising show quality horses that are eligible for registry with the APHA, PtHA or AQHA.

What Makes Us Different?

Besides raising cattle, and putting up all of our own hay, we have a unique approach when it comes to selling our horses. ALL of the babies we raise have a home with us until the absolute right buyer comes along. We want both horse and new owner to be happy, so you won't leave our place with a horse unless it is right. We also go to great lengths to show all of the foals we raise. By the time a weanling is advertised for sale, he/she will have been to at least one show or futurity. To us, it is very important to get our foals out to be seen and to experience new things. 
Since our farm is very self sufficient we don't have to sell off horse stock before winter like many breeders do. For example; none of our 2008 foals sold until their yearling year, after each of them had show experience!


Come and Visit us in Nebraska! We're more than happy to introduce you to our mares, foals, riding horses, and retirees! (Pictured: Jet, age 29!)


Buddy will greet you at your pickup!  (Anatolian Shepherd Mix)